Kosta Boda Tattoo Large Bowl
360 Kosta Boda Tattoo Large Bowl

Fine Swedish Crystal Vase



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Product Description

The awesome Kosta Boda Tattoo Crystal Vase was designed for Kosta Boda by glass artist Ludvig Löfgren. Obviously Mr.Löfgren has been impacted by the artistry of tattoos because Tattoo is a deeply romantic glass tattoo with exquisite details.

The crystal vase measures 10 inches tall with a 5.5 inch opening. The combination of hand-made Swedish Kosta Boda crystal and the hand-painted red roses creates a true masterpiece for your home, house warming gift or wedding present.

Kosta Boda crystal is an investment so we provide detailed 360 degree images. You can view the crystal vase from all angles and get a better feel for its true beauty.

Kosta Boda Tattoo Crystal Vase

  • Pattern: Tattoo
  • Material: Fine Swedish Crystal
  • Product Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 10″H
  • Product Care: Hand wash
  • Imported

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Ludvig Löfgren

“My approach to glass is sensitive, passionate and patient. I describe atmosphere, depict moods through references both to history and present. Molten glass enables me to work with sculpture and pictures simultaneously. Glass can be seductive, beautiful, soft and compliant to work with. But at same time it can scar you for life.”

Before enrolling at the University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Ludvig Löfgren worked as a glass blower, an experience that gave him both perspective and understanding of glass. His constant search for challenges often results in hours of experimenting, both in the studio and in the hotshop. With his substantial knowledge of glass and artistic talent, he shatters many limits in the Kingdom of Crystal with its fine traditions.

Ludvig Löfgren gathers inspiration from many different genres, including everything from the fashion world to tattooing techniques. His artistic expression is youthful and filled with attitude, but at the same time it is brutally conscious. His first limited edition skull Vanitas Disco has already attracted a new target group to Kosta Boda.