Denby Dinnerware

Denby is one of the premier dinnerware manufacturers in the Britain. They have been producing premium stoneware for over two hundred years. It is considered by many to be the best stoneware dinnerware in the world. Their craftsmen and designers have developed over 5000 unique glazes and continue to add more each year.

Denby quality starts with their Derbyshire clay. The clay has exceptional quality and strength. Using local craftsmen and artisans, Denby spun their clay into wonderful designs. Over two hundred years later they continue their fine tradition. They do not mass produce their stoneware dinnerware. Each stoneware plate, cup, bowl and platter are hand-made and inspected multiple times.


Denby Designs

Denby dinnerware appeals to a wide range of tastes and styles. Interesting color palates, bold designs and classic as well as modern patterns are part of their attention to details. Their dinnerware is a combination outstanding designs, super strong stoneware and British attention to detail.

Denby Dinnerware Makes a Great Gift

They make a great gift anytime you are looking for something special. Engagements, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays or when treating yourself, what really matters is that you have given a gift that will look as good next year and the year after as it does on the day it was gifted. With proper care, Denby dinnerware will serve your family and guests for years to come.

All Denby stoneware is safe for the freezer, oven and microwave. As with all ceramic products they are not suitable for freezer to hot oven or microwave. As a precaution, always bring your frozen food and stoneware to room temperature before placing in a hot oven or microwave.

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