Dinnerware Colors

Find the dinnerware color thats meets your style and budget at Plum Street Pottery. We have cherry red to saffron yellow to graphite gray and spruce green. Traditionally, white dishes were the dinnerware of choice. But now setting your table with bright or deep rich colors defines your personality and also really brightens your table.

There are two schools of thought. Use white dishes and then add color with napkins, flowers, glasses, table cloths and placemats. Or use bright and richly colored dinnerware with neutral table cloths, placemats and napkins.

Some colors like black, slate, graphite and cream coordinate with virtually any decor. Colors such as D&V Fortessa Cayenne Red or Gibson Soho Lounge Blue are so rich and vibrant they are the decor and you need to coordinate your table accordingly.

Do not be shy about using using colors for your dinnerware. They make your table a point of interest. Another nice addition is to mix colors. The D&V Fortessa Spice colors, cayenne, cilantro and saffron were specifically developed to coordinate with each. They really set a beautiful table.