Set your table with the newest casual designs. Classic patterns, contemporary patterns or hand-painted you’ll find the dishes that are right for you at Plum Street Pottery. We shop for the great casual artisan dinnerware designs that will bring years of enjoyment to your tabletop. Why artisan dinnerware? The simple answer is we love the artistry artisan designs bring to the table.

The Gibson Elite Bloomington dish set demonstrates the science and artistry of reactive glazes. Furthermore each piece is unique due to the qualities of reactive glazes. Including deep two-tone colors and rich patterns.

On the other end of the reactive glaze spectrum is Dakari. Stunning off-white flowers contrasted with a two-tone gray glaze.

Dinnerware Sets

Most dinner sets contain a selection of dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, soup/salad bowls and mugs so decide on what you need. For example, a 16-piece set typically has four dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, soup bowls and mugs. However, a 20-piece set will add four very handy small all-purpose bowls, also known as rice or fruit bowls.

Beyond functionality, your dishes are also designed to enhance your food and brighten your table.

Buying Guide

Plum Street Pottery has an informative guide on Dinnerware Buying Guide to help with your decisions.

Product Care

The beauty of porcelain and stoneware dinnerware is the hard non-porous glaze. The glaze makes your dishes easy to clean and will not stain regardless of the food served on it.

Dinnerware Materials

It is especially important for you know what to expect from the different materials before you purchase any dinnerware. Not all ceramics are created equal. As always, there is a reason why some dishes cost more. A full description of the ceramic materials, their advantages and disadvantages in Dinnerware Materials.

Now here is a man who enjoys washing dishes but fortunately for you and I none of our dinnerware requires hand washing. Carefully stack them in your dishwasher and spend more time relaxing.

Carl D’Souza Jul 2019
Dishwashing Joy
I like to enjoy washing dishes
so it doesn’t become a chore,
as living is for enjoying
and I seek to enjoy every moment
of being alive,
even washing dishes!

But how to enjoy washing dishes?
I focus
on enjoying the experience
of the present-moment,
like meditation.
I enjoy cleaning my dishes
to protect me from disease
and keep me healthy.
I enjoy the feeling
of warm water on my hands
as I rinse the dishes before washing.
I enjoy the rhythm and sound of squeaking
the sponge makes as it scrubs the dishes.
I enjoy feeling
the smooth texture
of the ceramic dishes.
I enjoy exploring the shape
of every dish with my hands as I wash.
I enjoy
seeing my reflection
in the stainless-steel spoons
as I wash
enjoying the experience.

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Showing 1–20 of 44 results