Hand-Painted Dinnerware
Le Souk Ceramique hand-painted dinnerware is manufactured in Nabeul, Tunisia. The following video of Nabeul gives you a great over view of the city. Nabeul Tunisia

All their dinnerware is 100% free form hand-painted dinnerware. The results are spectacular and worthy of a prominent place in your dinning room. Tunisia, located in North Africa, has historically experienced a wide range of cultures. The ancient trade caravans passed through what is now modern day Tunisia and France left its mark from its era of colonialism. These cultures all contribute to Le Souk Ceramique’s beautiful designs. As with all dinnerware handle with care. Complete care instructions are available Product Care.

All free-form hand-painted dinnerware will have variations. These variations are part of the uniqueness of hand painting and should be appreciated and enjoyed. Take educational Le Souk Ceramique dinnerware factory tour below.

You will enjoy the following 6 minute YouTube video demonstrating the meticulous attention to details of the artisans at Le Souk Ceramique. Hand-Painting Aqua Fish Dinnerware.

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