Corner Shower Shelves

are as convenient as the wire racks and are just as affordable. However, unlike those metal racks, our ceramic shower shelves coordinate with your shower better. And who needs extra work, they will not rust or corrode over the lifetime of your shower or tub. Because their glaze is impermeable to water and stains, they are snap to clean and unlike the resin shower shelves they will not degrade or grow mold and mildew.

We offer Lenape wall-mounted ceramic corner shelves for the shower and tub in white, bone, black, matte biscuit and matte white in the large corner shelf. The small ceramic corner shelf is available in white and bone. It is designed for the space constrained showers.

Ceramic Corner Shower Shelf – Lenape ProSeries

Each Lenape wall-mount ceramic shower shelf requires a tiled grout in, thin-set installation. In other words, the 5/16″ back fits into a 5/16″ or deeper recess in the wall. Most tiles are approximately 5/16″ thick. The flange fits over the edge of the tile to maintain a neat trim appearance. The edge of the flange must be sealed with a high quality caulk like silicone. It is important to maintain the integrity of the joint to prevent water penetration.

The ceramic shower shelves are designed and manufactured for right angle (90 degree) corners. From experience, not all walls are a perfect 90 degrees. The corners in your shower or tub can vary up to 4 degrees and still allow for a good installation. However, additional thin-set material will be needed to fill in the gaps and a wider caulk line will be visible. Corners that exceed the 4 degree tolerance are not suitable for 90 degree corner shelves for the shower and tub.

Complete installation instructions are available on each product page and in the Product Installation page.

These simple but elegant shower shelves add a convenient place to keep your toiletries without detracting from the classic look of your shower. Find the size and color of shower shelf you need and order today!

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Showing all 10 results