Schott Zwiesel was founded in 1884 by Otto Schott, Ernst Abbe and Carl and Roderich Zeiss. What sets them apart from other glass makers is their dedication to producing the finest crystal wine, whisky and iced beverage glasses at a reasonable cost

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal

For instance, when the industry moved away from traditional lead crystal, they went a step further and innovated by adding titanium and zirconium oxide to the glass. These two ingredients transformed traditional delicate lead-crystal to 21st century break resistant sparkling crystal.

The titanium added the strength and the zirconium oxide added the sparkling clarity long associated with quality crystal. In addition, each wine glass stem is heat treated to strengthen the most most vulnerable point on a wine glass, the stem. As an added benefit, Tritan crystal is dishwasher safe. Just be sure not to load your crystal next to metal pots and pans.

Glassware Design

Schott Zwiesel is not just about the quality of their glassware. Just as importantly, their wine, whiskey and iced beverage glasses showcase the best industry designs. Furthermore, they design the glassware not just for great looks but also for functionality. They partner with noted sommoliers to enhance the flavor of your favorite wines. Form and function!

Schott Zwiesel History