How to Clean an Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Braiser or Skillet

We say “Easy to Clean” but are they really that easy? My short answer is yes. I recently made a delicious kale and sausage soup in our Gibson Elite 7 quart Teal dutch oven. The browning of the sausage and vegetables and reheating the soup several times for lunches left some work to do on the bottom. But regardless, we had a dinner and several lunches all out of the same pot.

My method is simple and works. First add some water and dish detergent to the bottom of your enameled dutch oven. Let it soak and then scrub with a no abrasive scrub pad. If the pot still has stains or burnt food, add several table spoons of baking soda and a table spoon of white vinegar. Let the bubbles work on the stains for a few minutes and then scrub again with your non-abrasive scrub pad.

For the toughest jobs I have read that works well. I typically use this product on my stainless pots and pans. Works great, however, when I have used it on porcelain Bar Keepers Friend can mar the finish. So my recommendation is to test a small area first before cleaning the entire enameled surface.

This works for me but for additional guidance refer to the following “How to clean a dutch oven.”