Lenape ProSeries Large White Ceramic Shower Shelf

Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Product Care

All Lenape ceramic bathroom accessories require little maintenance. A quick wipe with a damp cloth from time to time is sufficient to keep them looking like new. That is the beauty of ceramic bathroom accessories, they will last a lifetime, never discolor, rust, corrode or tarnish. The clip-on mounting hardware is zinc plated #5052 aluminum and the screws are stainless steel.

However, since the typical bathroom has high humidity levels it never hurts to use a disinfectant spray to not only clean soap scum etc. but sanitize as well. An excellent example is Good Housekeeping’s number one rate bathroom cleaner and disinfectant, Microban 24. https://www.microban24.com/products/bathroom-spray-citrus/.

The ceramic bathroom accessories product care also require a waterproof bead of caulk around the flange, particularly in areas that are in the shower or bathtub. The greatest cause of failure is water damage. Occasionally inspect your caulk lines and if you suspect any gaps, remove the old and re-caulk with new waterproof caulk.

Lenape ProSeries Large Black Ceramic Shower Shelf
Lenape ProSeries Large Black Ceramic Shower Shelf