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Toilet Paper for Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Plum Street Pottery White Ceramic Recessed Toilet Paper Holder
Plum Street Pottery White Ceramic Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Model BR796 Recessed TP holder is popular in the fact that it doesn’t stick out from the wall. You do need about 3-5/8″ of wall depth for it to “recess” into. This is the true definition of a recessed TP holder. Thin-set mount is not recessed. Thin-set will recess into the depth of the tile, but recessed means it goes a long way into the wall. Since it is recessed into the wall the toilet paper roll options are limited to the two-ply rolls so rolls 4-5/8″ in dia. and 4″ wide or less WORK in this holder.

The following are some rolls we know fit our recessed toilet paper holder, POM, Scott 1100 and Seventh Generation. They are all two-ply and Seventh Generation even received a top pick by the NY Times Wirecutter,

The following are links to several retailers who have these available.


Scott 1100

Lenape Carrousel White Ceramic Paper Holder

Model 42401 is an economical two-piece bathroom tissue holder. The tissue holder is surface mounted with mounting screws and plates that are included in the package. Since it is surface mounted you have additional bathroom tissue options. In addition to the Scott 11, POM and Seventh Generation. These rolls are 4 5/8″ in dia. by 4″ wide. Some additional Brands you can try are Charmin Ultra Strong 2 Ply 3.9″ x 4″.

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