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Advantages of Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

Lenape Classic Blossoms Double Towel Bar Set

There are many reasons why ceramic bathroom accessories have always been a popular choice in the bathroom when it comes to towel bar racks, tub and shower corner shelves, toilet paper holders, soap dishes and holders, toothbrush holders and robe hooks. Now more then ever high-fired ceramic bathroom accessories out shine their competition. In this Covid-19 pandemic world, impervious glazed ceramics are sanitary and provide no surface for bacteria and viruses to hide.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning ceramic bathroom accessories is easy. A household cleaning spray or wipe is normally all you need. You can also make a bleach solution using one-third cup household bleach in a gallon of water or four teaspoons per quart. Wipe your accessories with the bleach solution, let sit for at least a minute and then wipe off with a clean damp cloth. Do not mix bleach with another cleanser such as ammonia.


Another key quality of high-fired glazed ceramics are their durability. We often have customers move and take their Lenape towel racks with them to their new home. They do not rust, corrode, tarnish or fade and look as new today as they did when first installed. The wall mount clip-on installation hardware is aluminum with stainless steel screws. The professional wall mount accessories are installed with thin-set cement.


Bathrooms have high humidity and are notorious for mold and mildew but impervious ceramic glazes leave no room for the mold and mildew to grow. It is, however, important to maintain the grout or caulking around the professional series. Over time the caulk or grout can deteriorate and allow water to penetrate. Keep the caulk well maintained particularly around the top of the tub. Follow the cleaning instructions and your ceramics will shine.


Your Lenape high-fired ceramic bathroom accessories are not just practical. They are also beautiful. The Blossom, Watercolors and Blue Flower decorations add a touch of nature to your bathroom. Their beauty will last through out the years.

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